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The rise of the "gig" economy has given birth to a new generation of freelancers and entrepreneurs. The same challenges which have always faced the traditional self-employed business owner are now affecting a whole new generation, but let's face it, the finance industry has been slow to adjust to this new digital world.

We understand the frustration that freelancers and entrepreneurs like you experience when trying to qualify for a mortgage, so we created a suite of customized loan products with this type of borrower in mind, including "no income" financing options.

The small business owner isn't the only successful and qualified borrower that struggles to access mortgage financing. The service worker who gets paid in cash, or makes the majority of their income from tips and gratuity, has also been left out of the real estate market for decades.

Lux Loans is here with the solutions you need whether you are a freelancer, digital nomad, small business owner, or entrepreneur. We're also using similar loan approval criteria for service workers such as bartenders, waiters, and adult entertainers.

The age old saying of "there is no better time than now" has always seemed to ring true for real estate. Now you can finally start building wealth in real estate, and no longer will you be held back by an outdated banking system.

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