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The most successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors understand the importance of diversifying their real estate portfolio in overseas markets. What many US citizens don’t know, and many foreign nationals are quickly starting to realize, is that the US tax laws are actually some of the best in the world … if you’re not a US citizen.

This means that expatriating funds to the US is not only a good hedge against political risk in their own country, but it’s also a great way to safely build wealth in the world’s biggest economy without being exposed to the wealth tax which impacts US citizens.

Previously acquiring real estate as a foreign national in the USA meant you had to pay all-cash or go through a complicated and time-consuming income qualification process; even then getting a loan was almost impossible, especially for wealthy investors whose income was hard to document.

Lux Loans has changed all of that. We can approve foreign nationals with only a small down payment and no other income verification process. For investors who can document their overseas income, the options get even better. The documentation requirements are lite and effortless, resulting in LOAN APPROVALS IN AS LITTLE AS 24 HOURS.

With the US dollar projected to reach the strongest levels in years the time is now to invest in US real estate and protect again currency risk. As your property value increases against your depreciating foreign currency the return on your investment will soar.

HURRY – your greatest opportunity is now, so call us without delay so you can secure “no income” financing and protect your wealth in the safety of the United States real estate market.


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