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Are you in the market for a luxury home or interested in a property with a price tag that makes your bank lose sleep at night?

Well, you are not alone. Real estate prices continue to climb particularly in the most desirable markets, but jumbo loan options have not kept up with the surge in demand.

Most high net-worth buyers stopped trying to get financing a long time ago, and new entrants to the high-end property market are starting to see why; jumbo loans are hard to find, and approval requirements are often rigid. Neither is what you would expect for top-shelf property and the types of buyers who can afford them.

We are here to change all of that with Super Jumbo loan options and concierge service. Qualifying has never been easier with “no income” options that can be as simple as a bank statement.

Paying all cash is certainly quick-and-easy, but it is a poor use of wealth no matter how abundant it is for you. Imagine instead of spending your cash, you merely had to present a statement which shows you have it. Afterall, one of the most powerful features of real estate is the ability to leverage a mortgage to acquire more home with less capital.

We have become the premier lender of choice for jumbo loans, so reach out to us today before your private banker gets cold feet in the final hour and your luxury dream home goes to someone else … most likely one of our clients.


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