Jon Kutsmeda is redefining the mortgage industry as the C.E.O. of Lux Loans and its parent company American Mortgage and Insurance Inc.

He has over 15 years of experience in residential mortgage origination, debt securitization, credit underwriting, and investment consulting.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Jon moved to Hawaii shortly after graduating University where he launched the company in 2009.

Before moving to Puerto Rico in 2019 he traveled abroad for several years and acquired permanent residencies in four different foreign countries.

As a result of his own personal experiences, Mr. Kutsmeda understands the strategic advantages of creating multiple pillars of wealth and the importance of legally reducing tax liabilities.

It is this unique first-hand perspective that has guided Lux Loans to the forefront of the lending industry as the premier lender for the sophisticated borrower and anyone looking for creative solutions to their financing needs.

You are encouraged to connect with Jon on social media where he actively shares his thoughts on real estate, the capital markets, and all aspects of investing.

Otherwise, as a boutique banking firm, you are likely to interact with him simply by contacting us through this website.

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