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Lux Loans is a mortgage banking firm providing real estate financing as both broker and direct lender. Our objective is to provide "outside-the-box" financing and concierge service.

With an emphasis on the luxury market and jumbo mortgages, we’ve been able to position ourselves not only as a market leader but as a fan favorite among high net-worth clients.

Our team is made up of the best in the business and we stand proudly behind that claim with the sales numbers to prove it, along with the reverence from our peers and colleagues.

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To maintain the highest quality of service our company operates under unique brand names specific to certain types of loans and markets.

This means our customers with specialty loan requirements get expert service for the exact type of financing they need.

Lux Loans is a perfect example. We are a dedicated team with the experience and resources to accommodate your financial complexities. No more struggling with an inexperienced generalist, instead with us you get true mastery.

However, we do leverage the underwriting and support teams of Best Mortgage Rate and those of our mutual parent company American Mortgage and Insurance Inc.

Therefore, if you are visiting this “About Us” page from one of our partner websites, or if you receive loan support from a @bestmortgagerate.com  email, know that you are in trusted hands, but that your request will be handled with the same privacy and best-in-class care all our Lux Loans clients receive.

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