Lus Loans is a NMLS licensed approved lending company, founded in Honolulu and doing business across the United States.

Learn more about our parent company American Mortgage and Insurance Inc. on the ABOUT US page.

This is also the name which will appear on official loan documentation and credit report inquiries (see the "credit report" question in this FAQ)

More information about our C.E.O. Jonathan Kutsmeda can be found on our website HERE and throughout the internet, including social media.

You can also locate our company licensing information on the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System database, via their consumer access portal by searching for our NMLS# 375788.

Lux Loans is the premier lender for the sophisticated borrower and anyone looking for creative solutions to their financing needs.

Explore our full list of "outside-the-box" loan programs on the EXPLORE OUR LOANS page.


Lux Loans underwrites and approves its clients in a variety of ways.

As an NMLS approved lender we fund directly every type of conforming loan product available, including conventional and government loans.

In addition, many of our jumbo loan programs are available with more favorable terms for borrowers who can qualify with fully documented income.

However, we understand this is not the norm for most real estate investors and high net-worth individuals.

Therefore Lux Loans offers our clients unique options for qualifying that do not follow standard guidelines.

For some of our loan programs there is no proof of income required.

We approach each borrower and their loan needs uniquely, using a variety of methods when income documentation is necessary, some of those are listed HERE.

Due to the custom nature of our lending programs, we are not able to provide borrowers with a "best guess" or partial qualification.

To find out if you qualify please submit an application by visiting the APPLY NOW page.

The markets in which we lend depend on the borrower type and loan program.

For conforming loans, you can view our NMLS licensing page.

However, the majority of our clients do not fit into these rigid requirements.

To confirm whether our creative financing is available in your specific market we recommend you visit the loan program page that best relates to you and complete the form.

Otherwise, you can use the contact form on the ABOUT US page. 

You can learn more about the application process and access our secured client portal by first visiting the APPLY NOW page.

If you complete an online application, then you are authorizing us to retrieve a credit report.

If you are only interested in receiving an upfront quote, then do not submit a loan application.

However, even for a rate quote we may ask that you complete the application and authorize a credit report check so that we can provide an accurate quote based on your credit history.

When a credit report is ordered it will show on your credit history as an inquiry from either "American Mortgage and Insurance Inc" (our parent company) or "Corelogic Credco" (a national credit vendor that compiles and generates the report)

To avoid multiple credit inquiries please REMOVE ANY FREEZE that you have on your credit report. Please do this for all credit bureaus, including Transunion, Equifax, and Experian.

We understand some people are extra-sensitive about their credit scores. but a mortgage company completing a credit check will have very little impact on your score.

Only when you have multiple inquiries from DIFFERENT types of creditors, will inquiries have a harmful effect.

This is because the credit scoring algorithms that generate your scores cannot determine if you've obtained multiple lines of the new credit, and therefore cannot determine accurately if you are now a greater credit risk.

However, one credit pull, from one type of creditor (a mortgage company), does little to your score if anything at all.

Afterall, the point of good credit is to be able to receive better credit terms.

The algorithm knows that a one-off inquiry is not a concern, therefore your score is not harmed.

Even multiple inquiries from the same type of creditor (mortgage lenders) will not have a big effect if they occur within approximately 30-days of each other.

Again, the algorithm determines that you might be looking for one type of credit, and therefore you are likely shopping among different lenders.

As a mortgage company we respect people's concerns about their credit score, so we suggest completing an application only once you are comfortable with the reality that a credit report will need to occur, and that a single type of creditor checking your credit will not have a meaningful impact on your scores.

The things that are permanent and should be the real focus of a borrower's attention, are their payment history and the ratio of balances to the credit limits.

If you have not yet applied for a loan, then please first visit the APPLY NOW page.

Otherwise, click HERE to log into the Loan Portal.

You will receive a "YOUR DISCLOSURES ARE READY" email from either your loan officer or the Loan Support team shortly after completing an application.

In that email you will receive instructions regarding your personal "Authorization Code" for accessing secured documentation in the loan portal.

Please locate that email to determine your authorization code.

It is required that we use an independent third-party escrow company to handle the distribution of funds.

This ensures that there is no fraud and all money is handled securely.

There will also be a company that provides Title insurance. In some states, like Hawaii, this is usually the same company that is providing the escrow services.

They will reach out to you, either via email or direct mail, to request additional information.

We will do our best to provide you the name of the Escrow and Title companies in advance so that you are prepared when they begin communicating with you.

If there is any doubt about who is requesting information from you, contact us immediately to confirm.

This is entirely up to you.

We created systems and processes to make this experience relatively seamless.

Those who cooperate with these systems, such as reading this FAQ section, will be rewarded with a faster closing.

The fact that you are reading this shows that you are someone who takes initiative; we hope to see that continue throughout the entire loan process.

One particular part that needs extra cooperation is your closing date.

Prior to closing we will need to pre-schedule your closing date. This is necessary for preparing your closing documents with date specific information.

Please make every effort possible to make that closing.

Because certain documents need to be notarized you cannot simply sign on a different day if you miss your closing appointment.

We would need to create a new document set, with new compliance sensitive dates.

Creating a new set of closing documents is more time consuming and arduous than you might imagine, so please be sure to make it to your pre-scheduled closing.

Thank you in advance for all your hard work and cooperation.